by Anne-Marie Ros

It’s all about making beautiful things happen

As a multi-talented person, I love working on projects. The reason why I started my own company in 1999, ‘Make Them Love You’. My personal motto for the things I do.
It’s a great journey, giving me the chance to be involved in communications, concept & product development, project management & support, or ‘sharing my love for Rotterdam with you’.

In November 2012 I became partner in SiLO – a cool Rotterdam accounting firm for the Art, Culture, Hospitality and Creative Sector. I also decided in 2012 to use my own name, instead of Make Them Love You (MTLY), for the things I communicate online. I like my roots, so don’t be confused when I’ll bill you through MTLY 😉

Tour in Rotterdam, I love you

I use Rotterdam as my canvas in creating special tours for you. If you like a real local experience with a professional very enthusiastic friendly tour-guide, then look no further as what I do is perfect for small groups. It depends on what you like, where I’ll focus on during the tour. Art, architecture, food, history, nature, urban life, hot spots … we have it all. You can find me on SpottedbyLocals, where I blog since 2009 about my amazing city and often in food Valhalla Markthal – where I guide groups.

As trained artist, I make things

I am known for my immense database of photographs taken from my daily life which I use in my art work, designs and site-specific projects.

  • minimass® TINY ART, unique small tales to wear or share (for sale)
  • Together with my architect friends, we create the world of wooll-e, a Dutch designed no-drilling-needed wall lamp with changeable sleeves – very cool (for sale)
  • The Mobile Guerilla Knits, an homage to my muses – the selected Facebook profile pictures that inspired me to make the cool-in-wool portraits  (they’re all great and not-for-sale)

Peripheral Dialogue

Each of my projects has its own needs and dynamics to ‘Make Them Love – Your idea, product, dream, challenge .. ‘. Sometimes I develop opportunities for talent to accelerate or showcasing the very best contemporary art: by working across local and international frameworks and collaborating with others. Support artists, galleries and small organizations with their business development: by coaching, curating, representation, account management, communications, visual reporting or organizing bespoke art tours for national and international professionals.

Anne-Marie Ros Projects proudly presented a curated booth-group-show ‘Peripheral Dialogue : this side of paradise’ with works by the artists Anna Tanner USA, Jeroen Bodewits NL, John Curran USA and Mirjam Somers NL at The Manchester Contemporary, 27 – 30 September, 2012.

I was one of the four guest curators for the successful International summer art exhibition 4 the Korenbeurs Schiedam, which took place from June 30th until September 16th, 2012. During ‘4 De Korenbeurs’ I developed a side program with free art-tours in the Korenbeurs.

During ‘Art Rotterdam 2012’ Anne-Marie Ros Projects created ‘Paviljoen Rotterdam’, a successful side-art-fair with young Rotterdam Galleries in the 1300m2 Cité building at Laan op Zuid.

In 2011 and 2012 Anne-Marie Ros was chairman of the Rotterdam Gallery foundation and helped develop a communication strategy and new communication tools.

You call Anne-Marie Ros:

  • When you need help to Make Them Love You
  • Like to experience Rotterdam as a local
  • Want ‘TINY’ ART or Dutch Design
    or maybe you like to
  • Challenge me with your project
    just know that ‘my right and left brain, works very well together’.

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