My ‘Kijk-Rotterdam-Rond’ viewer

Rotterdam is my canvas in the things I love to do.

Last year we celebrated our fantastic city, 75 years after the historical heart was destroyed in a bombing. There were many cultural events, giant stairs leaning against the Groot Handelsgebouw bringing us to the rooftop, a giant ferris Wheel next to Markthal at Grotemarkt – for a great view on the old and the new, …

Together with MG2D, I developed a viewer ‘Kijk Rotterdam Rond’ for the giant ferris wheel The View. Now they are in town until April 2nd 2017, I like to memorize and share this viewer with you. If you take a ride, it’s always nice to know what you see and if you’re not into architecture, you can always try to peek into a Markthal Apartment – although it’s hard as they have covered one of the cabin walls with a big sticker 😉

Kijk Rotterdam Rond
Look around from East – South – West – North, you can’t miss:

Grote Bibliotheek – Libary – (1983 Van den Broek & Bakema), Maastoren aka The Pencil/Het Potlood and cube houses aka Paalwoningen, (1982 – 1984 Piet Blom), the red Willems bridge (1981 – Cor Veerling) now partly covered in white plastic due to maintenance), Witte Huis (1898 – Willem Molenbroek) the first highrise in Europe, ufo-shaped station Blaak (1983 – Harry Reinders) and new bike parking (2016 –  Herschbach-Architecten), Blaakhaven (2013 ZZDP Architects), Blaak 8 (2012 – GROUP A & Dreissen architecten), Markthal (2014 – MVRDV), Willemswerf (1988 – Wim Quist), Red Apple (2009 –  KCAP Architects & Planners & Jan des Bouvrie), Waterstadstoren (2014 – HM Architecten), 100hoog (2013 – Klunder Architecten), Erasmus Bridge (1996 – Ben van Berkel), Schieland Toren (1996 – Pi de Bruijn De Architekten Cie.), WTC tower (1987 – Rob van Erk), Delfse Poort (1991 Abbe Bonnema), Millenium tower (2000 – WZMH & AGS architects), First Rotterdam (2015 – Boele & Van Eesteren en Wessels Zeist), Timmerhuis (2015 – J.R.A. Koops & OMA), Laurens Church (1525 – only remnant of the medieval city of Rotterdam, the first all-stone building.  The restoration 1952 – 1968 of the Laurenskerk was viewed as a symbol of the resilience of Rotterdam’s community), Hofdame (2007 – Klunder Architecten), Hofpoort tower (1976 – P. Zandstra), Citybuilding (2003 – John Bosch-Bosch Haslett), and Statendam (2009 – Hans Kollhoff).

You wanna Tour in Rotterdam and see the city through my eyes – just drop me an email to talk shop.

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