Anna Tanner

Anna Tanner – lives and works in Los Angeles, USA

‘In her work, she focuses on moments on the periphery of everyday experience that Anna calls ‘Schisms’.

During the Art Rotterdam Week, 6 – 10 Feb 2013, some of Anna Tanner’s paintings were in the Tupajumi Super Re:seller Show @ re:rotterdam. On the 9th floor of an old office building, Blaak 16 next to the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and opposite Markthal.

Girl power moment at the Tupajumi Super Re:Seller Show with Dutch artists Inez Smit, Petra Werlich and Katinka Lampe in the room.

Anna Tanner’s The White River, L.A.R.P. and Garhill Mountain diorama’s were presented for the first time on the main land in the We Like Art booth at Object Rotterdam, vh NAI Museumpark 25 in Rotterdam.

L.A.R.P. 2009 by Anna Tanner at Object Rotterdam 2013

In her oil paintings, plaster dioramas, drawings and performances dialectic situations occur found in society; such as the human desire to move forward while simultaneously longing for the past, or a desire to demonstrate self-worth in a realm of the uncharted whilst dwelling in urban confinement. The works consider our changing relationship with both time and spaces by incorporating epistemological aspects that embolden the imagination by playing up the power of uncertainty.

Anna says, ‘In my work, I respond to the everyday but is characterised by the fantastic, dream-like imagery and incongruous juxtapositions, by use of open-ended narratives and deployment of everyday materials and hobbyist techniques. I look at the characterisation of the social outcasts and their ability to reclaim the unknown. Based on the dialectical relationship between real time experience, projected memory/histories and the underlying psychology surrounding these phenomena. Or play up the power of uncertainty, contrasting a world in which so little of the natural landscape is left undiscovered, cultivated or urbanised.
In exploring our optimistic idealogies of subculture  I am seeking to address feelings of anxiety or isolation.

‘Tanner’s paintings and sculptures seem frustratingly (and absorbingly) contradictory, having moments of incredible intensity, and yet a distance, or acute numbness to them. There is a tension between transcendent natural beauty and urban oblivion and increasingly, as I re-visit the works, a sense of danger. However, what I can say is that Tanner’s works have their best moments when she takes an image we half remember – a house perched on a hill, a strangely familiar landscape – then cracks its universe open and waits to see what darkness spills out.’ (Quote by Nicola Wright on Anna Tanner’s work in 2009.) 



In 2012 Anne-Marie Ros Projects proudly presented:

a tightly edited selection of Anna Tanner’s new and recent works in 4 the Korenbeurs Schiedam summer group show. A summer group show curated by 4 guest curators presenting collectively a strong line-up of national and international artists from June 30 – September 16 September, 2012 in Schiedam, NL

Anna Tanner’s paintings and diorama’s in the booth group show ‘Peripheral Dialogue : this side of paradise‘ at the Manchester Contemporary 2012, September 27 – 30.

Anna Tanner also took part in curated group shows:
‘Now the dream is over’ at the Blyth Gallery in London from Oct. 10 until Nov. 9, 2012 Support Structures at CAI in LA Aug. 1 – 29, 2016.

Anna Tanner collaborates with Anne-Marie Ros.
For info and sales: | +31 – 626134939

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