48 hours in Rotterdam

I live Rotterdammer and wrote 10 years about my fantastic city on SpottedByLocals (2009-2019).

In 2017 I created ’48 hours in Rotterdam’, for all those lost people struggling with maps in our streets and who I’ve directed to all the great things to see and do in Rotterdam, well in my humble opinion ; )  Too bad that my weekend take-over in 2018 of the Spottedbylocalsweekend on Instagram is all gone.

Sharing is caring, enjoy the read or my Ros-010-Overview

If you like a personal inside tour and ‘go where the locals like to go’, just book a private How to be a Rotterdammer tour – highlights in 2 or 4 hours. Great for expats, if you want to see your city through my eyes, impress your guests or if you have just to little time to find your own way. As said, all the great is spread around town, so having me as your guide is not only a smart but also fun move. 

My ‘Kijk-Rotterdam-Rond’ viewer

Rotterdam is my canvas in the things I love to do.

Last year we celebrated our fantastic city, 75 years after the historical heart was destroyed in a bombing. There were many cultural events, giant stairs leaning against the Groot Handelsgebouw bringing us to the rooftop, a giant ferris Wheel next to Markthal at Grotemarkt – for a great view on the old and the new, …

Together with MG2D, I developed a viewer ‘Kijk Rotterdam Rond’ for the giant ferris wheel The View. Now they are in town until April 2nd 2017, I like to memorize and share this viewer with you. If you take a ride, it’s always nice to know what you see and if you’re not into architecture, you can always try to peek into a Markthal Apartment – although it’s hard as they have covered one of the cabin walls with a big sticker 😉

Kijk Rotterdam Rond
Look around from East – South – West – North, you can’t miss:

Grote Bibliotheek – Libary – (1983 Van den Broek & Bakema), Maastoren aka The Pencil/Het Potlood and cube houses aka Paalwoningen, (1982 – 1984 Piet Blom), the red Willems bridge (1981 – Cor Veerling) now partly covered in white plastic due to maintenance), Witte Huis (1898 – Willem Molenbroek) the first highrise in Europe, ufo-shaped station Blaak (1983 – Harry Reinders) and new bike parking (2016 –  Herschbach-Architecten), Blaakhaven (2013 ZZDP Architects), Blaak 8 (2012 – GROUP A & Dreissen architecten), Markthal (2014 – MVRDV), Willemswerf (1988 – Wim Quist), Red Apple (2009 –  KCAP Architects & Planners & Jan des Bouvrie), Waterstadstoren (2014 – HM Architecten), 100hoog (2013 – Klunder Architecten), Erasmus Bridge (1996 – Ben van Berkel), Schieland Toren (1996 – Pi de Bruijn De Architekten Cie.), WTC tower (1987 – Rob van Erk), Delfse Poort (1991 Abbe Bonnema), Millenium tower (2000 – WZMH & AGS architects), First Rotterdam (2015 – Boele & Van Eesteren en Wessels Zeist), Timmerhuis (2015 – J.R.A. Koops & OMA), Laurens Church (1525 – only remnant of the medieval city of Rotterdam, the first all-stone building.  The restoration 1952 – 1968 of the Laurenskerk was viewed as a symbol of the resilience of Rotterdam’s community), Hofdame (2007 – Klunder Architecten), Hofpoort tower (1976 – P. Zandstra), Citybuilding (2003 – John Bosch-Bosch Haslett), and Statendam (2009 – Hans Kollhoff).

You wanna Tour in Rotterdam and see the city through my eyes – just drop me an email to talk shop.

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