Embraced Moments

In Hommes Gallery in Rotterdam Anne-Marie Ros curated ‘Embraced Moments‘, a group exhibition with artists Masha Matijevic, Inez Smit and Sabrina Basten.

Opening 28 september 2011, at 7:00PM by Anne-Marie Ros and finissage 6 november 2011 at 3:00PM with an informal artist talk by Anne-Marie Ros with Inez Smit en Masha Matijevic.


Art in Rotterdam

As former chairman of the  Rotterdam Galleries  foundation, Anne-Marie Ros I can recommend you to check http://www.rotterdamsegaleries.nl where you’ill find the latest news on contemporary art in Rotterdam.

I co-developed the new gallery agenda that was launched June 1, 2012  a the website for the foundation that came on-line in the second half of July 2012.

A life changing experience

After the tidal wave hit Sri Lanka in December 2004, Anne-Marie Ros started a fundraise to get Weligama (a fishermen village on the coast down South in Sri Lanka) back on their feet.

The Dutch government accepted her local network in Weligama  as a NGO. Ros played a pivot role in coordinating help in the area,  as she often was the only European aid helper around. Anne-Marie managed many private projects onbehalf of visitors, after they left Sri Lanka.

In 3 years time she has rebuilt guesthouses, houses and a temple. Started a tsunami-school, sewing-classes in the temple and ABC123 in the fishermen-camp. Anne-Marie helped people to (re)start their business and created new business opportunities by developing products based on specific handy craft technics like lace- and netmaking.

End of 2007 Anne-Marie finished her last tsunami-help-project.

Beroepskunstenaars in de Klas (bik)

In 2004 Anne-Marie Ros and Lodewijk Ouwens created the concept and pilot training of one year for professional artists to work with art projects in primary schools. After a succesful pilot year of the bik, ran in 7 different places in the Netherlands, the unique curriculum proofed to work.

Besides the national implementation of the trainingsprogram and coaching of the team, Anne-Marie managed the training in Rotterdam. After 5 years 70 artists enriched their professional practise with freelance art projects for kids, it was time for Anne-Marie to focus on new projects.

The training still runs nowadays by among others: Willem de Kooning Academy in Rottedam.