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wooll-e vintage #1 by readymate.nl

Dutch Design by readymate

It all started with a vintage lamp we (me and my architect friends) presented at the Boze Wolf in Rotterdam in 2012. Around that time we also established readymate as a platform to create and market Dutch Design.

End of September 2013 we launched the wooll-e® through a crowdfunding campaign and ever since we’ve sold over 100 lamps around the world.

Felt sleeved wooll-e
wooll-e® is a Dutch designed handmade unique no drilling needed wall lamp.

You change the appearance by just slipping up a new wooll-e® sleeve. We’ve got 100% felt sleeves in exciting colour combinations. We also have a knitted sleeves series and a limited art edition. We work with artist/designers Stang Gubbels and Tomas Schats and Monika Soltysik other designers on creating new sleeves soon.

By combining knowledge, ideas and skills, we enrich the journey of creating original and beautiful things for domestic settings and work surroundings.

The world of wooll-e® & AMPEL™ bench, Dutch Design for private- and professiona-l markets (designers and architects), retail and WE, the wooll-e team accept commissions.

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By appointment only
wooll-e Studio : Factorij 54, Rotterdam, The Netherlands